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Gina Sokolich

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Hi, I'm so glad you’re here! I’m Gina Rivera Sokolich MA, LPC, CTP I’m a retired First Responder in the EMS side of things (over 10 years) and also lived with a First Responder. He was my sweetheart for over 7 years until I lost him to Cancer (There is a book in the works). I understand the culture of the First Responder from both sides, from PD, FD, EMD and EMS, I understand a lot of what you’re going through. Since everyone is unique, I meet you where you are and walk with you so you can begin to feel better. We work together intuitively so that you can tell me your story in a safe place, it’s your space and time to share what you’d like. I am very direct, not easily offended and definitely not afraid of hearing your story. As a therapist, I am very passionate about what I do because of my experiences and commitment to this community. I work hard and collaboratively with you in an attuned way to help you feel better, hopefully beginning with the first session. I’m trained in EMDR as well as a Certified Trauma Professional (CTP) and I'm certified in CBT and Brainspotting--a very effective modality. Email or call me to set up an initial call or an appointment. I am doing workshops for departments on self care and helping to educate people on resiliency after an incident no matter the size of the call. Let’s discuss workshops for your group or department or your individual concerns. I look forward to hearing from you!


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