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Stacy Conley

Stacy Stegeman, LLC dba Alongside You Therapy


Talking to a therapist is hard; all those emotions are difficult, and being strong all the time for those around you is exhausting. I get it, and I want to make it easier for you. I use interactive techniques that do not leave you sitting on the couch, staring, and not knowing what to say. You came looking at this site for a reason; I believe the reason is that you have suffered long enough and are ready to make a change. Change is scary; you are not alone. I'll be there with you as you make the change. I offer a therapy technique that does not require you to talk, 99% of it is done in your head. We can do an entire session with me only knowing the bare minimum of information. If we meet the goals of the protocol, the results will be the same as if I knew everything about what you are processing. What is the value of this type of therapy? You, as a client, don’t have to worry about what the therapist is thinking; you don’t have to worry about traumatizing me as the therapist with gory details about your experiences, and best of all, you decide what you want to share and what you do not want to share. In addition, I utilize other forms of therapy, from experiential activities to traditional talk therapy. I tailor my approach to everyone as a unique individual. I can help with your mental health concerns, anxiety, depression, and weight loss, to name a few. Let's face it: you are suffering right now; I want to help you feel better. You always work hard to be strong, and carrying all that stuff around is quite heavy. I'm here to share the work with you. Let me help you carry your emotional suitcase, and we can unpack life’s baggage together.


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