Spotlight – Jody Petzoldt, MA, LPC, CFRC

Peer Support Team Mental Health Advisor at the Cape Girardeau Police Department – First responders embrace mental health awareness outlets.

When it comes to handling trauma on the field, first responders are at the top of the list.

Emergency responders see horrific daily scenes and seeking help for their mental health wellness has become a top priority for the plethora of public service agencies.

“We’re starting to struggle or we’re carrying too much of a burden. We’re not going to be the best help for the community. These programs help us slow down, they help us think about things, and help remind us that there is help and there’s no problem getting it. [It] makes you a better officer when you get the help you need,” said Cpl. Ryan Droege of the Cape Girardeau Police Department.

To name a few of those programs, starting with the peer support team, where fellow first responders can reach out to each other.

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